Welcome to NextGenHabbo

This is a Habbo Retro Made by Me Rasidi . I wish you will have fun in Our Retro Server, We will entertain you guys as much as we do, If there is any problem taken place please let us know in our Forum, Help is given to members of NextGenHabbo. We will need some volunteer to become our Staff. 

Server ~ Time

The server will be Online on 8 AM - 12 PM GMT +8 if you have any inquiries please click the contact us button on the left side of this page, we will help you as much as possible have fun! NextGenHabbo ~

Laucher ~ Loader

To start the game you may want to Click on NextGenHabbo ~ Loader, there will be two buttons for you all to select, the first button is the Habbo that's Supports Hamachi, you will need Hamachi for the Habbo to Start, it's harder, for the new members who don't know how to use Hamachi you may want to click on the second button to run the Habbo, The second one doesn't need Hamachi or anything. For the NextGen ~ [Fast Loader] if you have any error on the normal loader just run the fast loader.